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How much will my trademark application cost?

There are 3 different Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS) you may file to obtain a federal trademark registration. Each application has a different fee and different requirements. The application fees are as follows:

  • $225: TEAS Plus
  • $275: TEAS Reduced Fee
  • $400: TEAS Regular

The application fee quoted for each application is the fee for each class of goods and services listed on the application. The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) lists the requirements for using each application. The total filing fee is determined by the number of classes of goods or services listed on the application.

Which Trademark Application Would I Choose?

If I wanted to use my trademark on hats and coffee mugs and I submitted a TEAS Plus application, I would have to pay a total fee of $450 to file my application. There are two reasons for this. First, the TEAS Plus application requires the full filing fee to be paid upfront for all classes listed on the application. The TEAS Reduced Fee and TEAS Regular Applications do not require full payment up front. Second, I have to pay an application fee of $225 per class. Hats are in International Class 25 and coffee mugs are in International Class 21. The international classes are provided by the World Intellectual Propety Organization (WIPO).

Why Should I Use a Trademark Attorney?

Filing a trademark application can get complicated. An experienced trademark attorney can tell you which application you should use and how much your total application fee will be before you file. View our video series on trademark law to learn more.