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A trademark is any word, slogan, symbol, or design, or combination of these; which does two things: First, it has to identify the source of those goods and services in the marketplace. Second, it has to distinguish those goods and services from other goods and services in the marketplace. A trademark can also be a sound, a color, or a smell. To learn more about trademarks and trademark law, please view our short informational videos, visit our blog, or Contact Us with your specific question.

If you have received a cease and desist letter accusing you or your business of trademark infringement, or you want to stop someone from misusing your trademarks, please call us at 407.273.7027to schedule an appointment to speak with an attorney. At Johnson Moss, your success is our business℠.

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Michele G. Moss, Trademark and Copyright Attorney

Michele G. Moss has been in practice for over 14 years and has extensive experience in civil trial and litigation in Florida state and Federal courts. Her diverse commercial litigation background includes intellectual property, cyber law, products liability, personal injury and insurance coverage.

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