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Effective February 15, 2020, all trademark applicants and registrants (with limited exceptions) will be required to file their trademark applications and documents concerning trademark applications and registrations online using the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s (USPTO) Trademark Electronic Application Filing System (TEAS). In addition, trademark applicants and registrants will be required to: 1. Provide and maintain an accurate email address for receiving correspondence from the USPTO; and 2) Provide and maintain an accurate postal address to ensure the USPTO can contact them if their email address does not work. What are the goals of this rule change? The goal is to decrease the processing times for applications and registrations by allowing electronic processing. In addition, electronic processing of applications and registrations should decrease errors in processing applications and registrations. Why now? Paper applications decrease efficiency and are more costly since they require manual processing. By requiring electronic applications, the USPTO can process applications and registrations faster while at the same time decrease processing errors (such as the risk of lost or missing paper documents) and operating costs involved with printing and mailing paper applications.